The king saluting big crowds in central Brussels: maybe next year?
Nicolas Maeterlinck

"Alternative" 21 July celebrations presented: "Please don't come to Brussels"

An alternative programme for the Belgian national holiday celebrations on 21 July has been presented at a press conference. Due to corona, nothing will be what it used to be. No fireworks will be staged and no military parade: "Please don't come to Brussels".

Previous 21 July celebrations attracted up to 100,000 people in Brussels, which is a no-go in times of corona. Under present Covid restrictions, big events are still forbidden. So no military parade this year, and no grand fireworks in the evening. 

There will be a smaller programme, though, but people can watch this from home, as the events will be broadcast on TV in the afternoon. "Don't come to Brussels", police demand.

So what kind of smaller events are left? King Filip will honour health workers who tackled the corona crisis at the Royal Palace, and artists will give concerts in five different cities which will be shown on TV. The artists include Adamo, Tourist LeMC and Selah Sue. Afterwards, the king and queen will travel to Hainaut and Limburg to visit health care workers. 

The TV show will start after the 1 o'clock news on Tuesday. 

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