Average number of daily infections 46 percent up on the week: where are the flare-ups situated?

The average daily number of new Covid infections during the past week has climbed to 127 now, which is 46 percent up on the week. The scientific institute Sciensano reported 261 new infections on one day this morning, the highest number since May.  

For the moment, Sciensano is still working with weekly averages instead of daily numbers. Between 8 and 14 July we had 127.4 new positive cases per day on average; yesterday this number was only at 115. Today's number is 46 percent up on the week. 

While a rise can be seen in all Flemish provinces, the hike is most outspoken in some places in Limburg province, including Beringen, Heusden-Zolder and Houthalen-Helchteren. Other clusters are situated in and around the city of Antwerp (statistics almost double in some places). Other 'hotspots' are situated in West Flanders. 

The mayors of Heusden-Zolder and Houthalen-Helchteren have called on their local residents to follow the basic hygiene rules strictly, and have also announced extra police checks, while Antwerp is working out new contact tracing methods. 

The increase involves all age categories, though it is most outspoken among those under 60 years of age, particularly those in their twenties, where the number of new infections has doubled.   

There are strong local flare-ups in parts of Limburg and in Antwerp

Considering the latest day figures, the weekly average is bound to go up in the next days, Sciensano added. 

Another positive trend seems to be reversed as well: the number of hospitalisations had an average of 10.3 per day last week, which is slightly up. The number of Covid deaths is still falling though. It has reached a total of 9,800 now. 

Meanwhile, the so-called R-factor or reproduction figure, which tells us how many other people one infected person is contaminating, remains just above 1, with 1,064. This has to drop below 1 to stop a new surge in the number of cases, virologists underline. 

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