New cycleway along the E40 in Brussels opened

A new cyclepath along the E40 Motorway on Brussels territory was opened on Friday. It is almost 2 kilometres long, linking Evere to Schaarbeek. 

The new cycleway is situated on the right-hand side of the motorway (for Brussels-bound traffic). It starts at the Gemeenschappenlaan in Evere and continues until the Kolonel Bourg Avenue in Schaarbeek, near the VRT and Reyers. The project should have been finished earlier, but was delayed by the wet weather. 

Cyclists are separated from the cars by concrete blocks in white and red. Inge Paemen of Brussel Mobiliteit tried the cycleway herself recently and dismisses criticism that it's not always easy to find your way. 

The new cycleway is part of a bigger plan to create 40 kilometres of cycling routes in the capital. This should stimulate citizens to take the bicycle, and reduce the burden on public transport. "We also see that many people are afraid to use public transport due to the corona crisis, and want to provide a good alternative for the car." 

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