Joachim with his mother Astrid (archive picture)

Prince Joachim pays corona fine after flouting covid restrictions

Belgium's prince Joachim, the son of princess Astrid and archduke Lorenz, has paid his Spanish corona fine. The prince made the headlines several weeks ago, when he failed to respect quarantine obligations in Spain, one of the countries that was worst hit by the health crisis.  

28-year-old Joachim flew from Belgium to Spain in May. Without respecting a period of quarantine, he then took the high-speed train from Madrid to Córdoba, where he attended two gatherings with family and friends. He had contact with more people than allowed under corona restrictions. 

One day later, he showed the first symptoms of Covid-19, with a test confirming he had contracted coronavirus. The prince formally apologised for his mistake and said he would accept the consequences. 

The fact that he skipped the quarantine - he should have waited 14 days in Madrid - was seen as a serious violation of public safety laws. The prince was given a fine of 10,400 euros by the Spanish authorities, and had two options: to appeal against the decision, or to accept it. He decided to accept, which meant that he only had to cough up half the amount, 5,200 euros. 

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