Covid-19 update: 61 percent rise in the number of infections

The number of new corona patients keeps going up. The daily average during the past week peaked to 143, which is 61 percent up on the week. It's the eleventh consecutive day that we are seeing an increase. 

The figures released today refer to the period between 9 and 16 July. They do not yet take into account the daily figures of the past few days.

The average of 143 new cases per day is 61 percent up on the week before that, when we had 88.7 new cases on average. Yesterday, the increase was 'only' 46 percent, which means that coronavirus keeps on gaining ground. Belgium's key politicians and experts have scheduled an extra meeting today to discuss whether extra steps need to be taken. 

No further details were relased by the scientific institute Sciensano on Sunday. 

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