Dynamic "emergency lane" mandatory as from 1 October: how to behave in a traffic jam?

Motorists will have to make sure they create an open lane for emergency services whenever they end up in a traffic jam. The rule applies to roads with at least two carriageways - whether there is a hard shoulder or not - and will come into force as from 1 October. 

The new rule should provide clear instructions for motorists: at present some hesitate about what to do when they hear the siren of an ambulance or a police car behind them. Some start to panic, and block the road ahead instead of creating the extra space needed. 

Whenever you end up in a traffic jam - or whenever the speed is reduced to 10 miles per hour - leave enough space for another vehicle to pass by keeping as much to the left as possible on the left (fastest) lane. Motorists on the adjacent lane to the right, will switch to the right as much as possible. This system already exists in other countries where it has proved its worth.  (watch a German instruction movie below)

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