New coronavirus cases mainly triggered by family gatherings

At its first news conference in a month’s time Belgium’s crisis centre has indicated that new cases of coronavirus mainly occur in clusters.  Coronavirus cases have started to rise strongly in recent days.  Antwerp Province, Limburg and West Flanders are bearing the brunt of the spike with other areas affected too.

“New infections are chiefly being recorded in clusters.  We’re talking about infections at family gatherings, among relatives or at specially organised events” says Boudewijn Catry of the health and science institute Sciensano.  “Hand hygiene and social distancing are important at gatherings of family and friends.  Limit the number of contacts you have.”

It’s above all members of the active population aged between 20 and 59 that the virus is rapidly gaining ground.  The number of hospitalisations and deaths are relatively low and stable. 

“At present the situation isn’t dramatic, but it’s high time to take action. We should use our freedom responsibly before limiting our freedom becomes our only option.”

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