Police close crowded establishments in Brussels, “People were dancing!”

Brussels police closed two hospitality businesses on Sunday night after corona restrictions were being flouted.  Both establishments had too many customers in the business and in one place people were dancing.

When police arrived they found around 160 people in each establishment. The number was too high for the space available and social distancing was not being respected.  In one hospitality business customers were dancing, while in the other some staff were not wearing a face covering.

Ilse Van de Keere of Brussels police: “Our teams had to intervene in the first establishment around 8:30PM.  People were packed in like sardines and some customers were dancing.  No social distancing was observed.  162 people were present at the time”.

 A second police operation unfolded around 10:30PM.

 “160 people were present in the business and outside on the pavement café.  Social distancing was not observed.  Some staff were wearing face coverings.  In both cases officers drew up reports that now go to the public prosecutor.”  


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