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Walk through a disinfectant mist in Nebula

The good people of Middelkerke and visitors to the resort are the first people to be able to test the new Nebula safety capsule.  The capsule has been developed to counter coronavirus and make people feel safer.

People passing through the contraption first clean their hands using sanitiser.  Then they have their temperature measured and finally they step through a cloud of disinfectant. Nebula was designed by Henk Louf and Joke Huys, two West Flemish businesspeople from Wevelgem: “We wanted to develop something with a great technical performance, but that also enhanced people’s feeling of safety.  Your temperature is accurately measured in only two seconds.  People with a temperature, who are ill, are immediately detected.”

You’ll find the first Nebula cabin at the entrance to the admin centre in the seaside resort of Middelkerke.  Everybody entering passes through the cabin.

Mayor Jean-Marie Dedecker (pictured below left with the developers): “It’s not only visitors that pass through, our counter staff too step through Nebula.  In this way visitors can be reassured counter staff are corona-free.  In uncertain times this opens the door to a freer and safer society.”

Nebula will also scan your face with an infrared camera.  Up to 30,000 faces can be saved and that can be useful when it comes to contact tracing even though there may be privacy concerns.

The prototype in Middelkerke has all options and only costs 8,900 euros VAT not included.  The developers see a market in hospitals, care homes and local authorities.

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