Corona epidemic gains pace, R=1.3

For a first time in weeks Belgium is witnessing a rise in hospitalisations and deaths as a result of coronavirus.

On average 175 new cases of coronavirus were recorded each and every day over the past seven day observation period between 11 and 17 July. It’s the 13th day in a row that the average moves higher.

New coronavirus cases are up 79% on the previous seven days.  The rate of increase is higher than yesterday.

Belgium has recorded 64,094 cases of coronavirus.

On average 3 deaths a day were recorded between 11 and 17 July.  The figure is up 82% on the previous seven days when the average was 2 deaths a day.

The number of hospitalisations is up too.  Between 14 and 20 July on average 14 hospitalisations were recorded each day.  The figure for the previous seven days was 9.  Hospitalisations have increased 49% over seven days.

Belgium’s reproduction number now stands at 1.3.  Ten corona patients will infect 13 other people.

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