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Francophone animal rights' activists chain themselves to Flemish meat factory

Animal activists forced an entry into a meat-processing plant in the Antwerp town of Olen on Monday.   The activists, around 50 in all, were Francophones and belong to a Francophone animal rights’ organisation.

It was around 4:30 in the morning when the animal rights’ activists launched their protest at the Vanlommel meat processing factory in Olen (Antwerp Province).  The activists chained themselves to fixtures at the plant in a corridor next to calves that were being prepared for slaughter.  The activists said this was a silent protest against the slaughter of calves for the food industry.

Police attempted to negotiate with the activists, but the protesters refused to budge.

“We cut them loose, one by one, took them outside, patted them down, identified them and arrested them.  We are now checking if any of those arrested are wanted in connection with other offences”     police officer Dirk Van Peer told VRT News.

The company has filed a complaint.  Seven hours of production were lost as a result of the protest.

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