Immediate fine for corona offenders, “transparent mini-shields should be taken off the market”

Police in the Polder police zone will in future immediately issue a fine if somebody is seen to be flouting corona measures.  No caution will be issued. “People who say they aren’t familiar with the corona measures, must have been living under a stone during the past months” says police chief Johan Geeraert.  “The measures are widely known as is the danger that we all face.” In Diksmuide there are also growing concerns about the transparent mini-shields worn by many hospitality workers.

Police zone Polder groups the West Flemish municipalities of Diksmuide, Kortemark, Houthulst and Koekelare. The city of Diksmuide doesn’t yet occur in the list of municipalities with rising cases of coronavirus.  “There’s a small increase” says the police chief “but we’ve also noticed a lax attitude. Social distancing is important as well as wearing a face covering.  We’ve noticed that catering staff are not always covering up when they work at parties. We’ve seen staff without face coverings in bars and restaurants too. Starting now they face a fine of at least 250 euros.  You can pay on-the-spot or argue your case in court.

Burgomaster Lies Laridon of Diksmuide is also seeking greater clarity with regard to Plexiglas mouth shields often worn in the hospitality industry and by market traders.

“The law speaks of face coverings.  I can accept some people might opt for face shields on medical grounds, but the experts want a ban on small transparent shields because they do not offer sufficient protection and don’t cover the nose sufficiently.”

Epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme wants the mini-shields taken off the market because they give a false sense of safety and are a collector for all kinds of germs.

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