Woman attacks parking warden with screwdriver in Westende

A woman attacked a student doing a holiday job with a screwdriver in the seaside resort of Westende (Middelkerke - West Flanders) on Monday.  The student was working as a parking warden.

The 21-year-old student was carrying out checks when he was attacked.  An angry woman accosted the student and a colleague.  Getting no joy the woman then proceeded to fetch a screwdriver from the boot of her car.  This she then used to attack the student.

After this attack the woman got into her vehicle and attempted to run down the two parking wardens and abscond the scene.

Fortunately, the student only sustained minor injuries.  Middelkerke police are investigating the incident.  The two students are receiving counselling.  The municipality is also taking other, undisclosed action to protect its parking wardens.  Extra police patrols are planned at Westende-on-Sea.

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