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‘Mad Belgian’ climbs 'Mt. Everest in Belgium'

Belgian adventurer, explorer and motivational speaker Louis-Philippe Loncke has climbed Mount Everest in Belgium.  Dubbed the ‘Mad Belgian’ by Australians after he crossed Tasmania in winter without provisions Loncke climbed up and down the Montagne de Bueren in Liège 135 times. 

The Montagne forms the highest steps in Belgium.  Climb and descend the steps 135 times and you have climbed 9,000 metres, around the height of Mount Everest, without even leaving the country.  Most people think once is more than enough, but this Brussels oddball accomplished the feat to show us all that everybody can, even must,  make an effort in these corona times!

Loncke already has his name in the record books being the first person to cross Simpson Desert in the Northern Territory of Australia via its geographical centre.

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