Stad Oostende

Face coverings obligatory in Ostend shopping streets

The City of Ostend, Belgium’s leading seaside resort, has made the wearing of face coverings mandatory in shopping streets and on markets.  The measure is designed to arrest a resurgent coronavirus.  Face coverings are not yet compulsory on the seafront, but are highly recommended.

Ostend recorded nine positive cases of coronavirus on Monday.  48 tests were carried out: 8 Ostenders and one person from neighbouring Bredene tested positive.

The introduction of face coverings on markets and in shopping streets is timely.  Thursday is market day in Ostend. The wearing of face coverings is now highly recommended on the Promenade, the Quay, in the bar street and other busy places.  Acting mayor Kurt Claeys says face coverings are not yet mandatory on the seafront: “If Thursday’s security council backs coverings in open spaces, then this will also apply to the Ostend Promenade.”

Kortrijk, Ieper and De Haan have all made face coverings obligatory on the market.  The resort of De Panne has cancelled markets till 8 August, while coverings are recommended in busy places e.g. the seafront.

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