Rolling average surges 89% in a week

During the past seven-day observation period the number of new cases of coronavirus increased by 184 on average each and every day.  It’s the 14th day in succession that the rolling average is up. 

In comparison with the previous seven days between 5 and 11 July, the number of cases between 12 and 18 July is up by 89%. Yesterday the increase was only 71%.  64,258 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Belgium.

On average 3 deaths a day were recorded between 12 and 18 July.  The figure is slightly higher than in the previous observation period.

There’s also a slight rise in hospitalisations: a daily average of 12 was recorded between 15 and 21 July.

Belgium’s reproduction number now stands at 1.1.  Ten people will infect eleven others. In other words the epidemic is gaining pace.

All figures come from the Belgian health and science institute Sciensano.

At a news conference on Wednesday Sciensano’s Boudewijn Catry warned against a further increase in the figures, but suggested the tide could still be turned: “The situation isn’t hopeless just yet. Most infections are the result of social contacts.  Be careful when you meet up with friends and family or at other gatherings. Be vigilant even in small groups with people you know well.  Maintain 1.5m distance and wash your hands.”


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