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At least 370 new infections last Monday, a two-month high for one day

The number of new Covid infections keeps on rising. The upward trend is not broken by today's figures as released by the scientific health institute Sciensano: the rolling average for last week (13-19 July) was 193 per day, a rise of 91 percent on the week. Two weeks ago, the rolling average was 101 infections per day. 

The figures are a real cause for concern, also because individual day figures in recent days are not looking too good. Last Monday, we even had as many as 193 new cases on one day, and this figure can still go up as reporting from some places may be slow. This figure will be included in tomorrow's rolling average, which is bound to go up again. 

370 is the highest day figure since 20 May, so it means a two-month high. Today, the national Security Council has come together at 9 a.m. to discuss new measures in an attempt to contain a second wave.

Meanwhile, the number of hospitalisations is also going up, as is the number of Covid deaths (around 14 per day coming from 10, and around 3 per day respectively according to the rolling average). 

Meanwhile, local municipalities are taking their own measures. In Antwerp for example, but also in Leuven, where Mayor Mohamed Ridouani has made mouth masks mandatory at all places with loud music, "because loud music implies that people are approaching more closely when they say something to each other". 

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