"A missed chance"; "signal could have been stronger": are the latest measures strong enough?

The government's latest spate of Covid measures has triggered criticism from bio-statistician Geert Molenberghs and virologist Marc Van Ranst. "We are no longer talking about local outbreaks now, we need stronger action now," says Molenbergs. Experts agree: it's all about limiting the number of our social contacts. 

The National Security Council has extended the present corona measures and introduced a number of new ones, but is it enough? Geert Molenberghs is of the opinion that it is not enough: "I am really disappointed, considering the momentum of the epidemic."

The fact that the social bubble of 15 is being maintained, is not well received by Geert Molenberghs: "A missed chance. We should really downsize our social contacts. We are now seeing that people are interpreting this number as if everything is possible."

But other measures are also not sufficient, Molenberghs estimates. He wants a lockdown 2.0, which would be less strict than the last one in March and April, but stricter than what is now on the table. "We really should have more stringent checks at cafés and pubs", he adds, referring to the fact the new cases mainly concern youngsters. 

Virologist Marc Van Ranst can live with the new measures, but targets one thing: the social bubble: "This should really have been reduced to 10 people. They could have sent a clear signal there." His colleague Erika Vlieghe agrees that we should really limit our social contacts now.  

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