Belgian family of four has to be rescued in the Spanish mountains when things go wrong

Four Belgians, two parents in their fifties and their two children, went hiking in the Picos de Europa, a mountain range in the north of Spain, when thing went wrong. They could eventually be rescued by Spanish rescue teams. 

The children of 19 and 16 and their parents set off in Fuente Dé in Cantabria. Their goal was to reach a shelter place in Urrielu in Asturias, where they would spend the night, but they got lost in the Las Moñetas Valley, the local newspaper Diario de Valderrueda reports.

They alarmed rescue services because they were exhausted and did not bring enough clothing - the mountain range can be particularly chilly and the weather very volatile, even in summer. However, a rescue helicopter was unable to reach them due hail storms and gusts of wind.

The rescue team next tried to reach them by foot. After several hours of trekking, they managed to reach the four Belgians, supplying warm blankets and hot drinks. The group spent the night in open air, but could be taken back by helicopter the next day, to the place where they had parked their car.  

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