More than local outbreaks? Sciensano is alarmed: “Virus is spreading among the population at large”

The scientific institute Sciensano is sounding the alarm. While the surge in the number of infections could still be explained by local outbreaks so far, it now seems that the figures are going up across the country. “We can no longer count on contact tracing to stop the virus”. 

Boudewijn Catry of Sciensano told the VRT that “we are receiving an increasing number of alarming reports from across Belgium”. “At first, we could see that we were dealing with local problems, now it seems that the virus is spreading among the whole population again.”

Catry repeated the general demand to all members of the public to respect basic measures at all times. “It is clear that we haven’t won the battle yet and we shouldn’t rest on our laurels.” For the moment, nursing homes are still being spared, but the number of hospitalisations is going up again “also in intensive care wardens, which is a great concern”.

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