Antwerp governor in dramatic pledge to limit social contacts: "Just two friends or your own family"

The Antwerp governor Cathy Berx has launched an emotional appeal to her people, asking them to do more than the government is asking. While the National Security Council kept the "social bubble" at 15, Berx wants the people to go a lot further: "Limit things to just two friends, or your family."  

Various experts had criticized the government's decision to leave the social bubble as it is. They all agreed that it actually comes to one thing to avoid a (big) second corona wave: reducing your social contacts. 

Cathy Berx is particularly concerned about the city of Antwerp, where some districts are seeing a real hike in the number of new cases. She followed the experts' advice in an emotional address this morning, saying the lights are no longer on orange but on red: "It is no longer 5 minutes to 12, it is 1 past 12."

She almost begged citizens to take action themselves: "Please, limit your social contacts to your own family or meet no more than two good friends. Don't shake hands or kiss, wear a face covering and wash your hands regularly. (...) I hope we can still turn the tide but then we all need to make an extra effort. I have the feeling that many people have become careless. We need to act now."

Cathy Berx is obviously not a big fan of wedding parties or big family gatherings at present. "These can be perfect hotspots for the virus to multiply." 

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