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VUB professor: second coronavirus wave could be higher than the first one

Some statistical models are predicting a stronger second coronavirus wave than the first one. The VUB-professor Kurt Barbé is concerned.  

Predicting how strong a second wave will be, remains a difficult task, even for specialists. Still, Kurt Barbé is worried, as the latest figures are really alarming. "The latest figures posted by Sciensano show a stronger rise than what I posted previously." He adds that "there is still time, but we will have to act in the very short term. If we wait too long, the curve can't be adapted. We have time until 31 July to crush the curve, it is not sufficient to stabilise things." 

Barbé predicts that the number of patients in Belgian hospitals can reach 10,000 by November. Earlier, at the start of April, we only had 6,000 patients in Belgian hopsitals at the peak. Barbé's calculations for previous events proved pretty accurate, but still this doesn't mean he will be right about this second wave.  

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