"Nursing homes should allow at least one visitor per person even during a second corona wave"

Care homes in Flanders should not go in "lockdown" again and bar every visitor, for the well-being of the residents, a Flemish Parliament recommendation report says.  

The recommendations have been made by the corona commission in Flemish Parliament. The final report has as many as 95 pages and enjoys broad support among the Flemish politicial parties. Care centres and nursing homes are a Flemish responsibility.  

So far, the new surge in the number of infections is mainly taking place among youngsters and people in their thirties, forties and fifties. Older people have been spared so far, and this should be kept that way. So, how should nursing homes act in a second health crisis? 

Old people shouldn't become isolated if the second wave would gain further momentum: "One visitor per week for each person should be guaranteed", the report states. The proposal comes from the christian democrat party CD&V. 

It should be avoided that it is "all or nothing" i.e. everything closed or open. In-between options should remain, and for that purpose colour codes will be introduced, like for schools: green, orange and red. This proposal was made by the Flemish nationalists of N-VA. 

Contact tracing should have more local support, e.g. via local GP's. Also, a big stock of protecting materials should be able to cover a period of three months. 

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