3-year-old girl dies as rolling average peaks to 221 new Covid infections per day

Covid-19 update: the daily average for new corona infections last week is climbing above 200 to reach 221 per day. The day figure for last Monday eventually climbed to 416, the scientific health institute Sciensano reported. They also announced the death of a 3-year-old girl, which had serious underlying diseases.   

The rolling average for the 14 to 20 July week reached 221 per day, coming from 117 the week before. This is an increase of 89 percent on the week. The day figure for last Monday eventually climbed to 416, which is a little bit less than what Sciensano experts had feared. 

The rolling average for the number of deaths is at 3 per day (coming from 2 the week before), while 15 Covid patients had to be taken to hospital each day. This is an increase of 53 percent on the week.

Meanwhile, the R-figure, the reproduction rate giving an indication of how many other people one infected person contaminates, has climbed well above 1, to 1.27

Let the death of two young people serve as a wake-up call

The 3-year-old girl is the youngest Covid victim in Belgium so far. Boudewijn Catry of Sciensano said that this a wake-up call: "There are still several people dying each each day, including an 18-year-old recently. It may be exceptional that young people succumb, but let it be clear: nobody is immune. I hope the loss of these two young people can put everyone with their feet on the ground."

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