Flanders glows orange on the European map

The northern region of Belgium has been pencilled in in light orange on the map presented by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The colour indicates over twenty cases of coronavirus per 100,000 head of population during the past fortnight.  Brussels and Wallonia are still in yellow as a result of lower infection rates.

Flanders is on a par with large swathes of Sweden, parts of England and the Balkans. Regions are coloured red if they have over 120 cases per 100,000 head of population. View the map here.

On average 216 people tested positive for coronavirus every day between 15 and 21 July.  During the previous seven-day observation period the daily rolling average stood at a mere 132 cases.

Hospitalisations are up: on average 18 people a day were hospitalised over the past seven days.  Yesterday’s figure was 15 and the day average for the previous seven day period was 10.  3 people a day are dying of coronavirus in Belgium on average.  A week ago the figure was 2.  

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