New rules for returning holidaymakers and tourists visiting Belgium come into force

Beware if you travel to Belgium, or if you return to Belgium from a foreign trip: you are required to fill in a special form detailing your whereabouts as from today. The document is mandatory as from Saturday, but should be completed 48 hours before arrival in Belgium. 

People returning from areas designated as “red” by the Belgian foreign ministry were already obliged to fill in a form in English (!).  The form needs to be sent to the federal health department by email on the day of your return. Return from a red area and you must also self-isolate for two weeks.

Now, anybody returning from abroad, even from green and amber areas, will be obliged to fill in a new form available in Dutch, French and German, Belgium’s national languages.  The form must be dispatched by e-mail 48 hours before your return.  

Only people who have been outside Belgium for over 48 hours need comply.  Foreign tourists visiting Belgium for over 24 hours also need to dispatch the form electronically beforehand. People travelling to Belgium by plane, train or bus for which reservation is required will only be able to get on board when the form has been filled in and returned.  Checks on cars and cyclists entering Belgium are also planned. Fines can be imposed if you haven't done your duty. 

People holidaying in isolated spots without internet access or people who are not internet savvy can post the form after they return, but will have to prove they were not able to comply earlier.

Travel to Norway complicated

As from Saturday, Belgians willing to travel to Norway will have to self-isolate for 10 days. This is because the Norwegian government has marked Belgium "red" due to the rising number of infections. Non-essential trips from Norway to Belgium have received a negative advice. 

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