Nicolas Maeterlinck

People of Antwerp Province instructed to limit their contacts

Antwerp Province is tightening up corona measures in a bid to stem the coronavirus epidemic.  People in Antwerp across the Province and the City of Antwerp will only be permitted to meet up and have close contacts with ten people for the next four weeks.

The move comes following a spike in the epidemic in Antwerp where case numbers are rising far more quickly than in other parts of Belgium.  The provincial authorities say that strict compliance with existing and new, tightened up restrictions and greater enforcement will mean a new light version of the lockdown will not have to be discussed.

Everybody in Antwerp Province is urgently being asked to write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of their ten close contacts for the next four weeks. Social distancing must also be observed within your social bubble of ten people.

Gatherings of more than ten people are not allowed in public.

All private parties and celebrations are to be postponed.

The wearing of face coverings is obligatory across the province in all busy spots for everybody aged 12 years and more.

Antwerp Province will be seeking quick results from corona tests.

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