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“Don’t go crazy this week” crisis centre warns as COVID-19 cases mount

“The rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases is a cause for concern” says Boudewijn Catry of the science health institute Sciensano. He was speaking at a news conference that provided context to the latest COVID-19 figures.  “The number of patients in hospital is still limited, but numbers are rising” he added.

“It will take a while to set the situation to rights once again. We must all adapt our behaviour today.  Especially now that fine weather is forecast from midweek onwards there is a temptation to forget the virus.  We are all fed up of COVID-19, but ignoring the virus now isn’t an option.”

Boudewijn Catry proceeded to repeat the familiar health mantra about hand-washing, keeping a distance and using a face covering in busy places.  “We can’t repeat it enough” he said.

“Limit the number of people you meet up with and do this outdoors if possible.  If you are ill, stay at home.”

The national crisis centre’s Yves Stevens noted that we all have control over the course of the epidemic: “Together we can avoid a second wave.  It’s not only youngsters, tourists, people in certain neighbourhoods, provinces or communities, who need to stick to the measures.  Everybody must modify their behaviour.  Only if we respond with solidarity can we stop a domino effect.  Don’t go crazy on the fine summer days forecast for this week.  We really can’t afford to.”

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