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Police stop illegal party at Flemish B&B

Police in Flemish Brabant Province stopped a party at a B&B in Geetbets, east of Leuven, on Saturday night.  21 people were at the party, though only 15 people are allowed in your social bubble at present.

Police attended the premises around 1AM on Saturday night as a result of complaints about the noise.  It was in fact the B&B's owner who alerted the police.  She had rented out the premises for a group of ten people. When she learned that a big party was underway she contacted her guests, but got no joy. The police found a party with 21 people present in full swing.

“All those present can look forward to a 250 euro fine” local police chief Luc Liboton told VRT.

“Somebody had rented the entire B&B for a birthday party.  We drew up police reports for everybody present.  The 15-man bubble had clearly been exceeded and the B&B’s capacity for overnight stays was set at 10.  We sent 11 people home!”

The B&B’s owner wasn’t aware of what was going on.  Fortunately, this is only the first major violation of corona measures in the area.

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