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Corona emergency: “Brussels is sailing blind”

Bart De Wever has spoken of how the second wave of coronavirus cases reached his city.  The mayor of Antwerp voiced concern about the situation in Brussels: “They are sailing blind” he said pointing to the little information family doctors there have.

Bart De Wever blamed the new second wave in his city on a resumption of social life: “It’s due to the way we interact with each other, with people we know well and trust, in our leisure time.  The virus started to spread at wedding parties, at shisha bars and at gyms.”

“Fortunately, in Antwerp we get the figures quickly. I am worried about other major cities.  In Antwerp the source of coronavirus is quickly mapped out.  I regret that Antwerp is now being fingered.”

“The president of the family doctors’ association has indicated that little is known in Brussels.  Many people in Brussels don’t even have a family doctor.  Brussels is sailing blind.  You only notice corona when it turns up at the hospital.”

“In Antwerp we have strong links to first line health care, great care clusters and a great hospital network, a well-organised network of family doctors and triage posts that allowed us to see what was happening here.”

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