Flemish couple fear they will never get married

First the good news Aline De Cokere and Dieter Bleyaert are legally married.  The ceremony took place on 23 May and just the two of them celebrated it, but the couple had so dearly wanted a proper wedding with a ceremony in church with all their friends and relatives.  Due to the corona restrictions this plan had to be ditched in May.

The couple from Aartrijke outside Bruges then set on a new date in July, 24 July.  This date too the couple have had to ditch because of continued restrictions.  The couple now have their sights on a date in October, but they are not convinced the church wedding and party will be able to go head.

“We are reliant on corona figures and it’s not looking good.  We realise there are worse things in life than our wedding that can’t go ahead.  We’re so grateful we are healthy, but a big wedding party involves a lot of organisation: the church, the priest, the hall, the DJ, the photographer, the guests.  Who knows how many times we’ll have to rebook.”

The Belgian government on Monday reduced the number of people we can all meet up with.  When social distancing can be observed it’s ten people tops and that also applies to weddings.  At present the measure is in place for a month. It’s fingers crossed for Aline and Dieter.

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