15 police officers test positive for coronavirus

15 officers from the Charleroi Local Police Service in Hainaut Province have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The news comes from the liberal public service union VSOA and has appeared in a number of Francophone media, including the website of the commercial broadcaster RTL. The union is now requesting that all frontline police staff in Charleroi be tested regularly in order to prevent a sharp increase in the number of infections.

A concentration of infections has been traced the department that deals with operational information. It is believed that as many as 17 people have become infected.

Currently work is under work is under way to trace anyone that might have come into contact with the infected police officers. The union says that additional infections could be easily traced by testing everyone working for the service. VSOA believes that this should be done on a regular basis. It adds that it applauds the measure that have been taken thus far at Charleroi Police Headquarters.

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