“Stay at home if you suspect you might have COVID-19”

During Wednesday morning’s press conference, the National Crisis Centre’s Professor Boudewijn Catry was keen to stress the seriousness of the current situation and to stress the importance of staying at home if you think that you might have contracted the novel coronavirus. 

Professor Catry said "This situation gives cause for concern. So don’t look for loopholes to get round the rules, but limit your contacts”.

Professor Catry added "Don’t play with fire and stay at home if you suspect that you night be infected with coronavirus." “Don’t go to work, go shopping or take your children to their summer camp while you are waiting for the results of a coronavirus test".

The antimicrobial resistance expert went on to say that “Those that are infected are the most contagious in the early stage. Not only when they already have the first symptoms, but also just prior to this. You should realise that during the initial hours you can infect a lot of other people”.

The Crisis Centre also confirmed that a curfew like that to be introduced in Antwerp Province from tonight could be extended to other cities or municipalities if the situation worsened.

"A curfew is one of the measures that a Mayor can impose at a local level in the fight against COVID-19”, Professor Catry concluded.

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