City of Brussels makes face masks mandatory in all busy streets

The city authorities in Brussels have extended the area in which the wearing of masks coving the mouth and nose is mandatory. Previously the wearing of masks was only mandatory in the pedestrianised zone (including the central market square) and the Nieuwstraat in the city centre and the Maria-Christinastraat in the Laken district of the city. 

Now they are between the Blaesstraat and the Hoogstraat (the two main streets in the Marollen area), the area around the Sint-Katelijne Metro Station, the of the city centre, the Sint-Katelijneplein and the Antoine Dansaertstraat have been added to the list of city centre streets where the wearing of masks is mandatory.

In the Laken district of the city face masks are now mandatory in the shopping street De Wandstraat and surrounding streets.

After consultations with the municipal authorities in neighbouring Elsene, the City of Brussels has decided to make the wearing of masks mandatory on and around the Louizalaan, the Guldenvlieslaan and the Baljuwstraat. Signs have been put up at the ends of each stets on which the wearing of masks are mandatory.

Once people have been given time to become aware of the measures those breaching them will be issued with fines by the city authorities.

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