Dutch Government advises against non-essential travel to Antwerp Province

With the average number of new recorded cases of the novel coronavirus being much higher in Antwerp Province than in the rest of Belgium, the authorities in The Hague have advised people living in The Netherlands against visiting our country’s most northern province. Antwerp Province has dozens of kilometres of border with the Dutch Province of North Brabant and the municipality of Baarle-Hertog is entirely surrounded by Dutch territory. 

In border areas family ties straggle both sides of the border and Antwerp and the municipalities to the north of the city have a large Dutch expat community. The city of Antwerp in particular attracts shoppers and recreational visitors from a large area of the south of The Netherlands.  

“In Antwerp Province the average number of corona infections is higher than in the rest of the country and for these reason the local authorities are taking extra measures. The authorities are calling on people not to travel to Antwerp Province. There is a curfew in force in the whole province between 11:30pm and 6am”.

The Dutch authorities have given Antwerp Province a Code Orange travel advice warning. “Only travel to Antwerp Province, including the city of Antwerp, if it is absolutely necessary so not for tourism. You can travel through the province if you destination is not in the orange zone, but don’t stop to rest or fill up with fuel”, the website goes on to say. 

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