From today “social bubble” reduced to 5, a ban on “fun shopping” and fewer people permitted to attend events

The measures agreed at Monday’s meeting of the National Security Council came into force at midnight. The measures that are designed to stem a second wave of the novel coronavirus will remain in force for the next four weeks. During this period tighter restrictions on the number of social contacts we are allowed to have will be in force, so called “fun shopping” with family or friends is banned and the number of people allowed to attend events such as performances or sports matches has been further reduced. 

The measures bellow apply to the whole country. As we reported on Tuesday additional measures are in force in Antwerp Province where the number of new recorded cases is higher than elsewhere.

Previously we were allowed to meet 15 people each week with whom we don’t live. These 15 could change partially or completely each week if we so wished.

From today the number of people we can have in our social bubble has been cut to 5. Furthermore these 5 people must remain the same for the duration of the measures (at least four weeks). Children under the age of 12 are not counted so for example three couples each with three children, providing that only one of the nine children was older than 12. The bubbles are mutual. 

Restaurant visits

Restaurant visits are only allowed with members of your household or members of your bubble. This is also the case for barbecues and garden parties. The maximum number of people permitted per table in restaurants is 10. 

Gatherings of no more than 10

Other gatherings, during which social distancing must be upheld, for example meeting a group of friends in a park, should consist of no more than 10 people over the age of 12.

The limit of 10 also applies to receptions and banquets. The only exceptions are summer camps, organised play activities for children and organised activities such as sport.

Shop on your own

With the sales starting at the weekend some of us might have been planning a trip into town or to a shopping mall with family or friends.

However, this form of “fun shopping” has been banned for next four weeks. Instead we will only be allowed to shop on our own and stay no longer than 30 minutes inside any one shop. The only exception to this is a (grand) parent or guardian that is accompanied by a child that lives under the same roof as them. 

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