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Quarantine for those travelling to the UK from Belgium?

The British broadsheet ‘The Times’ reports that the UK government is considering ordered that everyone travelling to the United Kingdom from Belgium self-quarantine for 14 days. The news has not yet officially been confirmed. 

However, it the British Government does impose quarantine on those travelling from Belgium it would mean that our country would join Spain on the list of European country from which those travelling to the UK have to self-quarantine.

The Times reports that the measure would come into force from Thursday 30 July. For the time being at least the UK government’s website lists Belgium as being a “safe country” and those travelling to the UK from Belgium currently don’t have to self-quarantine.

The Times’ website reports that from tomorrow not only those travelling to England from Spain, but also those travelling there from Belgium, Luxembourg and Croatia will have to spent the first 14 days after their arrival in the country in self-quarantine.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson whose government is responsible for measures to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in England (the devolved governments are responsible for the measures in the UK’s three other nations) has already told journalists that the continent of Europe is already being hit by a second wave of the virus and that the British government is ready “to take the necessary action”.

The Times writes that this could mean that Belgium and Luxembourg and later Croatia could be added to the list of countries from where travellers are required to self-quarantine. Currently only those travelling to the UK from Spain are required to self-quarantine.

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