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Blankenberge police serious about face mask checks: 30 fines in one day

Blankenberge police are staging anonymous checks in the streets of the coastal resort, to see whether members of the public are respecting the strict mouth mask rules. "If you quickly put on your mask when you see us, it's too late."

It is mandatory to wear your mouth mask at all times in large parts of Blankenberge. Police are staging regular checks now. While people only received a warning last weekend, fines are being given on the spot now. A nuisance fine will set you back 250 euros in most cases.

Police are serious about the matter: "Wearing your mask on your chin and quickly lifting it, won't help," says Philippe Denoyette of the Blankenberge police told our colleagues of Radio 2. "We fined 30 people. Some claimed they didn't know about the obligation, others claimed they couldn't breathe properly otherwise. There are probably a number of reasons, but this doesn't mean you would not have to wear it at all times."  

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