Hottest day of the year ahead (but just a short tropical spell, for now)

Friday will see temperatures climb to 35 degrees Celsius, but it will be just one tropical day: as from Saturday, temperatures will drop again. 

Today is a kind a warm-up for tomorrow: while the wind turns to the south-east, there will be plenty of sunshine and temperatures up to 28 Celsius. For tomorrow, the central weather station in Ukkel is expecting temperatures up to 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit) but this may be even more in some parts of the country. It will be the hottest day of the year, the VRT's weather presenter Frank Deboosere says. 

If you like this type of hot weather, make the most of it, as temperatures will drop steadily as from Saturday to reach just 21 or 22 early next week. However, summer isn't finished yet: at the end of next week, another hot spell is expected with possibly more tropical days of 30 degrees and more. However, it's too early to have certainty about this. 

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