From 1 August: don’t forget to fill in a from if you are returning to Belgium from abroad

From 1 August anyone coming to Belgium after having spent at least two days outside our country’s borders will be required to fill in a form 48 hours before their return. The information contained in the forms will make it easier to trace those have potentially come into contact with people that are infected with the novel coronavirus. 

The document is available online in English, Dutch, French and German. You are asked to fill in your name, nationality, date of birth, telephone number(s) e-mail address and to say which country or countries that you have visited.

The form also asks questions related to the length of your stay abroad and which mode of transport you used to return (plane, train, coach or car). The form can be filled in online. However, it is also possible to fill in a paper version and get it scanned before sending it in by email.

Click here for the English version of the form.  

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