Police check whether motorists returning from abroad have filled in a Passenger Locator Form

The Federal Highways Police will be carrying out checks at border crossings all weekend to ensure that motorists returning from foreign holidays have filled in a Passenger Locator Form. From today (Saturday 1 August) anyone hat has spent more than 48 hours outside the country is obliged to fill in the form that is available online (see link under this article). 

Chief Inspector Ringo Boi of the Federal Highways Police told VRT News that “Throughout the weekend we will be carrying out regular checks at border crossings”.

However, this weekend no fines will be issued to those that have failed to fill in a Passenger Locator Form. “We are concentrating on raising people’s awareness. We have blank forms so that we can assist people that don’t have a form with them. We will explain the procedure and ensure that they fill it in correctly”.

From Monday the police will be issuing fines as “By then as many people as possible will know about the form”. 

Click here for the English version of the Passenger Locator Form. 

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