Ten days quarantine for people travelling from Belgium to Norway and Slovenia

The Belgian Foreign Minister has revised its colour coded map of the measures and restrictions other countries impose on people travelling to them from Belgium. Slovenia and Norway have been added to the list of “Code Orange” countries. This means that people travelled there from Belgium will be obliged to quarantine for ten days. In the case of Slovenia this will be 14 days. 

The Foreign Ministry Spokesman Karl Lagatie told the press agency Belgium that there are also changes with relation to travel to Portugal. The Greater Lisbon area is now classed as Code Orange. “At the end of June the local authorities decided to place Lisbon and a number of the surrounding municipalities under lockdown which meant that it was not possible to travel to them and so they were given Code Red. Now the lockdown has been lifted and the Lisbon area has been given Code Orange, which means that it is possible to travel there, but a heightened level of virulence should be maintained. Those returning to Belgium from the Lisbon area are also advised to go to their GP for a test and to quarantine which they await the result”, Mr Lagatie said.

Travel from Belgium to Cyprus, Denmark, the Baltic States, Ireland, Iceland and The Netherlands is only possible if you take a coronavirus test or are prepared to quarantine.

 In the other Orange Zone areas heightened vigilance is required. These areas are Wales, the Midlands, North East & Yorkshire, the North West and Northern Ireland in the UK, Vienna and Upper Austria in Austria, Malopolski and Slaskie in Polend, Strední Cechy, Jihovýchod, Moravskoslezsky and Prague in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia (mainland and islands), the Spanish regions of Aragon, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja and Extremadura, Luxembourg, Romania, the Slovene regions of Savinske and Zasavske, Sweden, the Ile de France and Pays de la Loire areas of France and the Algarve.

Red zones to which travel is not allowed are the Spanish provinces of Lleida and Huesca and the English city of Leicester.

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