VRT’s weatherman says that a heatwave is on the way

The VRT’s weatherman Frank Deboosere has told VRT News that we can expect a heatwave during the latter part of next week. After a dull and at times wet start to the week, temperatures are predicted to reach 26°C on Wednesday. On Thursday temperatures will top 30°C and the days that follow will be tropically warm. A heatwave is a period of at least five days during with temperatures reach at least 25°C. Temperatures must also top 30°C during at least 3 of these days.


If the weather forecast for next week is correct the last 5 days of next week will bring with them the first heatwave of 2020. After temperature have reached 26°C on Wednesday, temperatures will top 30°C on the six days that follow.

"Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the Monday and Tuesday after it will be tropically warn with maximum temperatures heading towards 35°C”, Frank Deboosere said.

His colleague, the VRT’s weatherwoman Sabine Hagedoren adds that “Above all Saturday will be a very warm day. Then it will be 37°C and temperatures could rise to 37°C. It will be a bit cooler on Sunday, but temperatures of between 25°C and 30°C are still forecast”.

There was a period of warm weather at the end of June. However, then no temperatures above 30°C were recorded at the Ukkel Weather Centre in Brussels. Last summer there were at total of three heatwaves in Belgium.

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