Former Mayor of Aalst killed 

The former Mayor of the East Flemish city of Aalst Ilse Uyttersprot (53) has been found dead at her partner's flat. News of the Christian democrat politicians death was first reported by the website of the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ and has since been confirmed by VRT News sources. The Mayor of Aalst Christoph D’Haese (Flemish nationalist) says that Ms Uyttersprot death was violent.   This has been confirmed by the East Flemish Judicial Authorities.  

The Mayor of Aalst Christophe D’Haese said in a statement that "This morning we learned of the extremely sad news that the former Mayor Ilse Uyttersprot had been killed. My thoughts go out to her two children and her family and friends because this news has touched Aalst”.  

The East Flemish Judicial Authorities have confirmed the news that Ms Uyttersprot was killed. "This morning a man reported to police in Aalst. He told them that he had killed Ilse Uyttersprot”, the Judicial Authorities spokeswoman Annelies Verstraete told journalists.

Ms Verstraete added that "The body of a woman was found by police in a residential property.”

The evidence points to Ms Uyttersprot having been killed by her partner. He is now being questioned and an Examining Magistrate, a coroner and a forensics teams have all be appointed as part of the investigation.

VRT News sources say that the man has a history of domestic violence and stalking. However, these offences date from several years ago and not from the time he was together with Ilse Uytterspot.  The man has been detained on suspicion of murder.

Ilse Uyttersprot was Mayor of Aalst from 2007 until 2012.  

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