Information campaign for British expats

The British Foreign Ministry has launched a campaign the aim of which is to inform UK nationals living in Belgium of what they need to do to “protect their rights” once the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December this year. 3.3 million euro has been set aside to inform British expats about the administrative formalities they will need to complete to apply for residency or to register as a resident in EU countries. 

The UK Government has launched the campaign to inform British nationals living in EU countries about what they need to do in order to remain there. UK nationals living in Belgium will be informed specifically about what they will need to do to preserve the rights they had as EU nationals and still maintain during the transition period. These include access to state funded health care, validating their driving licences, obtaining a UK passport and obtaining residency in Belgium. To this end the campaign is using advertisements on Facebook, digital media and in newspapers.  

Public meetings during which information will be given and question and answer sessions at which the British Ambassador and expert consular staff will be present are also planned for the coming months on Facebook.

The ‘Living in Belgium’ guide will also provide UK nationals with advice. Last year, 3.3 million euro was earmarked to offer help to the most vulnerable expats (people living with a handicap, the elderly…). Since November 2017 British Embassies in what are now the 27 EU countries have been holding numerous events to inform UK citizens of what they need to do post-Brexit. Although the UK ceased to be a member of the European Union on 31 January 2020, a transitional period is in place until the end of the year.  

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