225 workers of West-Flemish meat packing company Westvlees in self-isolation amidst coronavirus fears

As many as 225 staff at Westvlees, a meat packing company in Oostrozebeke (West Flanders), have been put in quarantine after 18 workers were found to be infected by Covid-19. 

The 225 workers have been tested for coronavirus and need to stay in self-isolation for at least a week - even when their test turns out to be negative. It is not clear yet how many people have been infected exactly. The unit where the meat is being cut, has been closed completely.

However, the whole company will not be shut down completely yet, says Mayor Francesco Vanderjeugd. "The meat cutting unit is relatively separated from other units", he explains. Its activities will be taken over by the unit in Aubel (Wallonia). 

Westvlees is among Europe's biggest hubs for pork meat packing. It handles about 1.4 million pigs each year, producing a total of 140,000 tons of pork per annum. They have customers in 50 countries. 

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