Rise in the number of Covid-19 infections seems to be slowing down

While the number of Covid-19 infections is still on the rise, the increase seems to be easing down. The rolling average is now at 535 per day. 

The rolling average for the period between 26 July and 1 August has climbed to 535 new infections per day. This is a rise of 58 percent on the week. Yesterday's figures showed a rolling average of 517 per day, so in fact the rolling average climbed with just over 3 percent on the day. 

The number of patients being admitted to hospital is 22.7 per day on average, a rise of 27 percent on the week. However, yesterday's figure for the rolling week average was 25 patients per day. 

Each day, 2.4 Covid patients succumb: this number of 2 fatalities per day has been more or less stable for weeks.  Contrary to the first wave, this new surge includes a lot more younger people, which may explain the better figures. 

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