Seals to be spotted as far as Temse

There are seals to be seen on the banks of the River Schelde nowadays. Seals can be seen in the River Scheldt each year, the animals venture out upstream as far as Temse (East Flanders).

At low tide, the animals can be seen resting on the dry shores. Their presence has been increasing each year, and this means that water quality in the Scheldt is improving.

Nine van Hooiweghen of the regional environmental organisation Natuurpunt Waasland told VRT Radio 2 that "water purification stations in the River Zenne have done a good job. As a result, water quality in the River Scheldt has improved a lot. There is more fish now in the river, and this is exactly the reason why an increasing number of seals comes as far as Temse." Seals are not the only animals to be spotted in the area: beavers and otters are extending their habitat as well. 

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