Amber alert for the whole of Flanders, except the coast, as the scorching heat continues

The Belgian Met Office has issued an amber alert for all provinces as from tomorrow. Today, the orange alert already applies to Limburg province. The strip along the coast has been given an exception because this area can enjoy a cool sea breeze.  

The Met Office issued the alert to warn people against the high temperatures. While it only applies to Friday, it is bound to be extended to the weekend - this type of alert is only issued just before the day in question. 

"Code oranje" implies that members of the public are asked to follow certain guidelines:

  • drink enough water
  • dress light
  •  spend the day in cooler areas inside (avoid the sunny side of your home)
  • let the fresh air pour in in the early morning but keep windows closed for the rest of the day
  • eat light meals 
  • take care of vulnerable friends of family: older people often don't have the urge to drink enough water in hot times
  • avoid doing sports or heavy physical activities between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. roughly (the hotter it gets, the larger this time frame will get)

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