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Antwerp opens drive-through Covid testing site: watch the video here

The city of Antwerp has opened its new drive-through corona testing centre at Park Spoor Oost. The aim is to test people who don't have any symptoms yet, but who need to be tested because they return from a risk area abroad, or because they have been alerted by Covid contact tracing teams that they (may) have been in contact with someone who tested positive. 

The drive-through can test up to 600 people per day, though the opening day was still relatively quiet - it should become busier once the system is really up-and-running. People can only come if they have received an activation code from the government, and if they registered on a website.

The tests only take one minute per person, and those coming by car don't even have to leave their vehicle. The work done here, should reduce the burden on local Antwerp GP's. The girl speaking the video explains that she is from Antwerp, and that it was easy to register beforehand, she just needed 5 minutes. Testing staff then warn the people that it can be "a bit nasty" but that it will just take a few moments. 

The video below gives an impression of how the drive-through works, and gives the example of a couple that came back from abroad. 

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